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Veteran's Day in New Orleans

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Romanov Rescue Signing at Garden District Books-- November 11th, 2021

Tom Kratman and I had a great Q&A session moderated by Chris Tidmore and signed books for about thirty folks at Garden District Books Thursday, November 11th. Chris and his wife, Barkley, own Garden District Books and were incalculably gracious and helpful leading up to, during and after the event. Plus, their bookstore is super neat, with both collectors books and new arrivals of all sorts--if you're in the area and literate, you should definitely look them up! If you're not literate, how are you reading my blog?

Me, Chris, and Tom at the start of the event.

The event in general was fantastic, the crowd was very engaged and asked numerous insightful questions. Among them a gentleman who had studied Russian History at the Sorbonne engaged us in a lively and lucid debate regarding Nicholas II's efficacy as a monarch. To my and Michele's delight, Mo Willems' parents were in attendance. Those of you who do not have small children may not know that name, but Willems wrote one of our kids' favorite books, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.

Signing with Tom--note I sat to the right, thus giving Tom the responsibility for writing all the inscriptions :)

Perhaps the greatest honor of the night, though, was meeting a survivor of the Dutch Resistance from WWII, a gentlemen in his 90s named Max. He'd served as a scout and messenger for the Resistance as a pre-teen.

I didn't get a recording, but on our way to dinner with Chris Tidmore, Michele and Tom actually performed a lovely impromptu duet of, "The Minstrel Boy." Next time they both start singing you can be assured I'll have the phone out quicker for video and audio. I obviously already knew my wife sang like an angel, but Tom has quite the Irish Balladeer's voice himself.

I've attended panels at LibertyCon a few times and had some limited "fan" interaction, but this was my first focused signing and I have to say, for a new author, I can't imagine a more pleasant or welcoming first time. Thanks so much to Chris, Barkley, and the Baen crew for making this event happen. Can't wait to head back to New Orleans to see our new friends again in the future.


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Feb 21, 2022

That sounds like so much fun! I'm sorry I missed it. Maybe we'll do a reprise when the next book comes out? :)

Justin Watson
Justin Watson
Feb 21, 2022
Replying to

Definitely! You’ve got to meet Chris, great guy.

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